About this site
Doofgewoon.nl (lit. 'Deaf normal') aims to inform parents of deaf children about what else there is in the lives of deaf children and deaf adults aside from the hearing loss. The site presents information about deaf culture, mulitlingualism, and sign language, and lets parents and deaf people speak out themselves. Being deaf turns out to be rather normal.

The site is created by the following organisations, and designed by Signfuse:
Your donations (in memory of Dr. Nini Hoiting [obituary], who dedicated her career to the lives of deaf children in the Netherlands), are most welcome to support this website. We will use them to record and subtitle new interviews with parents and deaf adults, add more text to the expert section, and keep all information up to date.

The Flemish website Mijn Baby is Doof (My baby is deaf) was an inspiration for this site, and contains interesting information that may supplement what you can find on Doofgewoon.nl, including summaries of scientific articles in Dutch. International visitors are referred to Gallaudet University's excellent VL2 center. Also worth reading: the Limping Chicken blog.